Cocopeat Buffered Block

The Cocopeat Buffered Block is a technologically advanced horticultural substrate made from coconut coir fibers. Through a buffering process, it stabilizes pH levels, mitigating the initial acidity of raw cocopeat. This innovation ensures an optimized pH range for plant growth, providing horticulturists with a versatile, easy-to-handle, and expanded medium that fosters optimal plant nutrition, making it ideal for various agricultural applications.

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Uses of Cocopeat Buffered Block

  •  Potting Mix Enhancement: Cocopeat Buffered Blocks are commonly used to improve potting mixes. Rehydrated and expanded, the cocopeat provides an excellent medium for potted plants, offering enhanced water retention and aeration.
  •  Seed Starting Medium: The buffered cocopeat is an ideal substrate for starting seeds. Its controlled pH and moisture-retaining properties create a conducive environment for seed germination and early seedling growth.
  •  Soil Amendment: Horticulturists often use cocopeat buffered blocks as a soil amendment to improve the structure and water-holding capacity of garden soil. Its introduction enhances soil aeration and nutrient retention.
  • Hydroponic Growing Medium: The expanded cocopeat serves as an effective growing medium in hydroponic systems. Its ability to retain moisture and provide support to plants without soil makes it a popular choice in soilless cultivation.
  •  Mulching Material: Once rehydrated, cocopeat can be used as a mulching material around plants. It helps suppress weed growth, conserves soil moisture, and regulates soil temperature, contributing to overall plant health.
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