Cocopeat grow bag

Cocopeat grow bags are a popular and convenient growing medium used in horticulture and agriculture, especially for the cultivation of various crops. These bags are made from compressed cocopeat, which is a byproduct of the coconut industry, and they provide an excellent substrate for plant growth. A mix of cocochips and cocopeat is used in some cases.

Salad and Vegetable Grow Bag :

Tomato : Special sizes of Coir pith, chips and fibre are used to create the right growth environment for tomatoes. Grow bags are the most popular option for tomatoes. Our bags can be customised with different mixes, dimensions, hole and drainage hole.

Cucumbers: Cucumbers can be easily transplanted as plugs or seeded directly into the coir. During certain parts of the year, they take only 5 weeks to harvest. Continental, Lebanese and cocktail all perform very well in our grow bags.

Pepper & Capsicum and aubergines also grow really well in our grow bags.

Cocopeat grow bag

Coconut Coir Grow Bag

Soft fruit Grow Bag:

Blueberry : Our grow bags combined modern genetics can yield upto 3kg per bush in the first year. They can deliver immediate cash flow benefit over yield grown crop. The production can be significantly better than soil grown counterparts, with outstanding quality bushes.

Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackberries also grow very well in these Growbags.

Open Top Grow Bag

Size:    28 x 18 x 16cm          25×25 x20cm

         20x20x18cm      18x18x15cm

This can be altered for a lot of other sizes, and mixed with chips or fibre according to specification

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